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Food labelling

I Read what I Eat

Do you read the labels on the food you buy and consume? Do you only look at the price, the brand or the sell-by date?
Leo lo que Como /acceso al reportaje flash/

The results of a study carried out by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food in connection with the Food Consumption and Distribution Observatory on consumer knowledge and attitudes regarding food labelling reveal a certain lack of knowledge and difficulty in understanding the subject.

EU standards on food labelling recognise consumers' right to know what they are eating.

The information contained on labels gives a better understanding of the product and enables a more informed choice when shopping for food.

Consumers should be given all the essential information about product composition, the manufacturer and storage methods. Producers and manufacturers can add other information if they wish, provided it is accurate and is not likely to confuse the consumer.

Here we give you some information about food labelling. We encourage you to read what you eat so you will know more and eat better...